About us

Welcome to Bidets Best, where we believe that everyone deserves a fresh start...in the bathroom, that is! We're not just your run-of-the-mill online bidet purveyors -- we are, in fact, True Believers, on a mission to elevate your bathroom experience to a whole new level of cleanliness and pampering.

So, who are the folks behind Bidets Best? Well, we pride ourselves on being family-owned, small business proprietors who, upon first trying a bidet at a vacation resort, experienced nothing short of a religious conversion.  From that moment on, we were just plain hooked. So, after a lifetime of "doing it the wrong way," we decided it was high time to spread the word about the "right way" to do one's business -- finally banishing the mundane from the loo forever. Now, we're not saying bidets are outright miraculous, but we wouldn't consider ourselves True Believers if we didn't think there was something downright transformative about using them.

  (Out back, planting for the next generation)

At Bidets Best, we're not solely about spraying hygienically cleansing streams where they're needed most. We're also about turning your ordinary bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary, with accessories like ergonomic foot stools to sit as nature intended, and organic, sustainable bamboo wipes when it's time to pat dry. You see, our bidet products aren't just another fixture for your home  -- they're literally game-changers. So say goodbye to the tiresome, time-consuming toilet paper tedium, and say hello to the rapid, refreshing, rear-end rinse revolution!

Why choose Bidets Best, you ask? Well, as proud members of the Better Business Bureau, we could go on about the superior technology, sleek designs, therapeutic and eco-friendly perks of our products, but we're also committed to addressing our customers' downstream concerns like personal health and the environment.  That's why we donate a percentage of all our profits to the charities The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America, as well as One Tree Planted.  At Bidets Best, we're dedicated to being socially conscious citizens of the world as we also seek to make personal cleanliness accessible to all. Because we believe in a world where bidets reign supreme, and bathroom bliss knows no bounds.

Join us on this adventure, won't you? Whether you're a seasoned bidet enthusiast or a first-time spritzer, Bidets Best is here to help you transform your daily bathroom doldrums into an anticipated pampering practice.

Bidets Best—where the journey to a cleaner, happier you begins!