Collection: Cleaner

We've all been there -- exiting our bathroom visit with that not-so-fresh feeling, no matter how long or how well we've attempted to clean ourselves. Well, now you too can indulge in the luxurious sensation of a thorough and refreshing clean feeling with our premium selection of electric bidets. Feel confident and shower-fresh all day long, as every single trace of waste and bacteria is effortlessly cleansed with a warm, gentle, rinsing spray. Experience the ultimate in comfort and hygiene with our state-of-the-art bidet technologies, featuring adjustable water pressures, temperatures and nozzle positions, followed by a soothing warm air dry. 

May we suggest the Toto S7A Washlet+ Auto Classic Lid Bidet Seat, Ultra Nova+ Bidet Seat, and the Bliss BB-2000 Bidet Seat from BioBidet, each fashioned with features like hygienically self-cleaning nozzles with ultra-modern sterilization technology, while also tailored with sleek, low profile designs that allow them to harmoniously blend into any bathroom style.