Collection: Softer

If you're experiencing discomfort while wiping, using the bathroom can become a dreaded experience. Whether it's due to conditions like Crohn's, IBS, hemorrhoids, or fissures, a bidet can provide much-needed relief with its warm, soothing water spray. Not only is it gentler and more sanitary than traditional toilet paper, but it can also promote faster healing of damaged tissue. 

For those with sensitivity issues, we highly recommend the Brondell Swash 1400, Eco Nova or Cascade 3000 Bidet Seats. The Swash 1400 boasts the softest water pressure and most gentle wash of any seat in our catalogue, making it an ideal choice for easing discomfort. Plus, its wide wash setting provides a broader and more gentle spray. 

The Eco Nova allows for adjustable water pressure, making it perfect for those with irritated skin. It also features a pulse wash function that alternates between warm and cool water, offering additional comfort for tender areas. 

And the Cascade 3000's wider seat design enables increased seating stability while also providing a jumbo-screen remote with large, tactile buttons to aid in simpler operation.